promoting mental health

„Well-being is incredibly important for creative thinking … We can turn off the lights in 10 years if there are no more innovations.“ Severin Schwan

Well-being and mental health training

We will help you to regain your personal balance between duties (To-Dos) and what matters to you and who you truly are (To-Bes).

The training contains various elements including:

  • Self-care
  • Mindfulness at work
  • Individual drivers
  • Personal values
  • Keys to happiness
  • Creating a To-Be list

Team and Leadership workshops

We will devise a team or leadership development workshop or journey for your team or organisation that meets your needs.

The workshops will emphasise the importance of leading from a place of being (presence, embodiment, creativity, empathy) and contain many practical examples and exercises that can be directly applied to real life and the workplace.

Participants will learn from a range of skills with a focus on:

  • Individual and team well-being
  • Connection and engagement
  • Team values, intention & commitment

Digital Well-being

Minimize distractions and learn to switch off for well-being and health

In this interactive workshop we will explore how much of our daily attention is absorbed or affected by digital or artificial interference. How can we measure it? Is digital technology improving our life or distracting us from it? To what extent is the use of digital tools reasonable and when does it become harmful? How can I re-store my human experience?

The workshop addresses:

• Digital interaction vs analogue human connection
• Recognise attention as a precious gift and use it wisely
• Change settings on your phone to make it serve you, rather than you serving it
• 10 steps to switch off from digital interference
• 30-day challenge to free yourself from unhealthy patterns and habits

Why Being & Doing Matters

Surrounded by digital technology day and night, many of us find it tremendously difficult to switch off our busy minds and rest in being mode even for short periods of time or after leaving work. This is essential, however, if we are to regain our full mental strength. Even when there is nothing to do, our minds keep trying to fix something or solve a problem. But creative thinking and true problem solving doesn’t happen in doing mode, it happens in being mode. The doing mode is good for working through a to-do list. But work is not all about to-do lists. Rather, it is about how we show up as human beings and accomplish our tasks with acceptance, awareness and choice.

When locked in driven doing, it can be really difficult to recognise our mind state and realise that we are not getting things done. In fact, we may be making things worse by overthinking, ruminating and being reactive. The Being-Doing Balance supports you in recognising and befriending your mind states and helps you to switch gears and take actions that are appropriate for you and others.


Christine J., Basel

Be Do 1 De

"Sehr nützliches Training, einfach anzuwenden, Grundprinzipien, die man in der täglichen Routine vergisst."

Sylvie B., Basel

Be Do 2 de

"Sehr kostbare Zeit in der Arbeitsumgebung."

Sandra V., Basel

Be Do 3 DE

“Ich möchte mich noch einmal für das tolle Seminar bedanken. Es war ein sehr inspirierender Tag und das Feedback zeigt, dass jeder Teilnehmer es als sehr positiv empfunden hat.”