If you wonder, why it is getting increasingly difficult to recover from stressful situations or states the answer is not far, actually right at your fingertips.

Smartphones have dissolved the traditional separation of work and life, we carry our to-dos constantly with us, not just in our hands but even more so in our minds. Our multitasking devices remind and inform our minds and brains that there is always something else to do or something else that might happen, asking for our attention and response. A serious number of people now spend their whole awake state online – virtually in an ‘on call modus’.

When the mind thinks there is something to do it cannot recover.

To recover we want to let go of the doing state of mind or leaving the mind altogether. True recovery and enjoyment involves sensations of the whole body, from ear lobes to toes. The more we enter into a relaxed state of our bodies, the more neurons in our brains will grow traits of a relaxed mind.

To experience a ‘mind-free’ state there are myriads of practices, some of them can cost you a fortune, yet some are totally free.

Sleep is a good example. It is absolutely free and essential for recreation. Yet many people claim they are either not getting enough sleep or suffer from poor quality or disruption. In which case they often spend a lot of money to invest into good sleep.

Sleep is analogue and sacred. It should be protected by all means from digital distortion. Charging your smartphone outside the bedroom thus is a good practice.

Overall, saving activies that promote physical and mental well-being from digital disruption is good practice. Genuine analogue experiences will increase the probability that you will recover more deeply and quickly from upsetting events.

Consider applying the ‘analogue experience’ rule when exercising, while enjoying quality time or a delicious meal with friends and family, during creative and playtime, relaxation and meditation. Never go digital in a state of deep relaxation or you might kill the experience altogether.

Let go off multitasking and devote your undivided attention to the experience. The moment you pull out your smartphone you will re-activate the doing mind and abandon the nurturing and healing part of enjoyable analogue experiences.