The old formula of work-life-balance has served its time. It is time to let go of it now.

Its essence was that work and life are two separate domains. That work occurs outside of what we call life. This of course was never true and perhaps never more than today.

The reason why we held on to the flawed formula for so long was the desire to protect our private or family life from our working life or at least to find a healthy balance between the two.

It has however become increasingly difficult to separate work from private life due to both social as well as technological advancements.

When we leave the desk or office where we do a large part of our work we carry the work with us to another place or several others where we accomplish the remaining parts.

Internet, mobile technology and social media ultimately enabled the mobility of work and irretrievably erased the dividing line between work and private life.

What has not changed is our desire for a balance between our work, the Doing and leisure or Not-Doing. Why is Not-Doing or Being so important?

Being is necessary for the awareness of our Doing. We need to have space between our Doings for Being. If we do not allow time for Being we can easily fall victim to unconscious Doing that is also called the Autopilot of Doing.

What is needed is a balance between our Being and Doing, a Being-Doing-Balance.

This formula will serve us human beings much better. It first reminds us that we are primarily Human Beings and not Human Doings.

Secondly, it encourages us to spend more time Being.

And thirdly, to apply more Being to our Doing, to become more aware of the Doing while we are doing it.