In my training ‘Balance Being & Doing’ I encourage attendees to remember their personal Being Anchors.

What is a Being Anchor?

A Being Anchor is a token or an object that reminds you how you want to be in your life. It connects you as Human Being to the present moment and to your life experience.

As we only can experience life in the present moment and never in the past or future, it is very useful to have anchors that can point us back to the present moment when our minds have been excessively wandering, drifting or getting lost in the past or future.

Here are five ways to anchor yourself to the present moment:

1. Your breath

The breath is the ultimate connector to your body. It is always there and always present. Simply by observing your breath without making it do anything special you connect to the existence of your body and mind in the here and now.

2. Your values

Knowing your personal values connects you to your true inner self and to what is important in your life. To remember and honour values on a regular basis is an act of anchoring to one’s life essence and a way of experiencing life as more whole, complete and meaningful.

3. Your key to happiness

What is your favourite personal happiness formula? What keys do you have in your portfolio to increase your level of happiness whenever you want or need to?

4. Your mantra

Do you have a favourite mantra, saying or prayer? This can bring you back to who you are when feeling lost. Make it visible to yourself in a prominent place of your daily life: pin it to your fridge, write in on a mirror, make it your desktop background or put it anywhere you can see and remember its meaning during the day.

5. Create your own being anchor

Most likely you already have Being Anchors without knowing them as such.
Do you surround yourself with small objects that are meaningful to you? A ring, a necklace or a bracelet? A stone that you picked up at a hike or a shell at a beach? A photograph of a loved one that you carry with you at all times in your wallet or bag? A melody that will always connect you to your Being whenever you hear it?

What is your personal Being Anchor?