George Peterburs

About George Peterburs

George is an independent writer, entrepreneur, trainer and coach. He is the founder of be in resonance. George is passionate about finding balance between Being & Doing in all parts of life. He is the creator of an innovative well-being training programme to reduce stress and strengthen inner resources.

5 reasons why showing up whole at the workplace is good for you

Wholeness at work means to have a safe space to be fully yourself without feeling the need to hide your deeper self behind a professional mask. If wearing a mask at work has become a habit, you may begin to identify with it to such an extend that you may not bother to take it [...]

Are Women more BEING and Men more DOING?

Recently, I went to the Swiss film premiere of ‘Como Nossos Pais’ (‘Just Like Our Parents’) by the Brazilian film director Laís Bodanzky. The film is about Rosa, a mother of two, and her own mother Clarisse, and how each one deals with the natural catastrophe of life. Women take a strong part in this [...]

Why BEING matters more at work than DOING

This time round perhaps take a moment to pause before resuming old work habits and falling into unconscious Doing. Most people almost immediately associate work with Doing rather than Being. Doing appears to be the predominant mindset to get things done. It’s what we get acknowledged for, what we get paid for. For several reasons, [...]

The Being-Doing-Balance

The old formula of work-life-balance has served its time. It is time to let go of it now. Its essence was that work and life are two separate domains. That work occurs outside of what we call life. This of course was never true and perhaps never more than today. The reason why we held [...]

Five Ways to Anchor the Present Moment in your Daily Life

In my training ‘Balance Being & Doing’ I encourage attendees to remember their personal Being Anchors. What is a Being Anchor? A Being Anchor is a token or an object that reminds you how you want to be in your life. It connects you as Human Being to the present moment and to your life [...]

Too much to do? Make a To-Be list for a change

When in summer 2015 I went through a personal crisis in my life I needed to get back on my feet again. This is what I came up with: I created a list of actions that helped ground me. To my own surprise nearly all the items on the list weren’t TO-DOs but TO-BEs: how [...]