Here are 7 new perspectives how to face our current challenge.

1 – This too shall pass!

One of the greatest wisdoms of humanity. Nothing is permanent, everything is transitory, including the unescapable situation we are currently in.

2 – I am ok right now

At this very moment, right here and now, I am ok. Just this moment, this breath, the next breath. If we take care of the moments, the days will take care of themselves.

3 – Focus on what is meaningful

Crises can help us separate what is meaningful and what is not. This is a good time for letting go of whatever is unimportant or a waste of resources, while letting those things in that are meaningful and whole.

4 – Common humanity

We are all in this together! At this moment about 20% of global population is under pandemic lockdown. Knowing of people suffering worldwide of the same cause can reconnect us to our humanness and bring awareness and appreciation to our temporary presence on this beautiful planet.

5 – Compassion

Seeing and knowing other people`s pain awakens compassion and kindness, especially now that we see more and more people suffering and vulnerable close to us, family and friends, colleagues and neighbours. The natural human response is not wanting others to suffer, which we call compassion.

6 – Joy

Seeing the good and beautiful in the bad and ugly. Finding seeds of happiness and joy in daily life. Laughing about the mandatory but nevertheless artificial way of social distancing and isolation. Continue singing and dancing in the moment, together or alone.

7 – Community

Social distancing is a strong reminder of our social human nature. While we all need time alone and for ourselves, the default mode for most of us is frequent social interaction. This is a time to acknowledge and to let each other know of our need for human contact, interaction and intimacy, with people near or far.