Wholeness at work means to have a safe space to be fully yourself without feeling the need to hide your deeper self behind a professional mask. If wearing a mask at work has become a habit, you may begin to identify with it to such an extend that you may not bother to take it off anymore, even outside of work.

Here are five good reasons why taking off the mask at work can be good for you.

AUTHENTICITY when we can always be the same person wherever we are, our life gets more simple, less fragmented and constrained.

ENERGY putting on masks and playing games at work can be very stressful and cost us lots of energy and time. If we can be fully ourselves not having to worry about what mask to wear it releases tension and energy that can go into more useful activities such as expressing our creativity and humanity.

CONNECTION hiding behind a mask can feel very lonely. How can we build meaningful connections with others if we are not truly ourselves? – Only through showing and sharing our human and vulnerable side can we truly connect.

WELL-BEING when showing up real, at work and life, we are also letting go off the various layers that are covering our inner self, instead of intensely holding onto a false identity we allow a sense of lightness and ease of being.

HUMAN POTENTIAL by putting on a mask we reduce and limit ourselves to only using a portion of our capabilities, talents and creativity. Through gradually lowering the mask we are inviting also our emotional, intuitive as well as spiritual side back to life.