Strengthen your resilience: Positive Neuroplasticity Training

Landgut Ried, Bern (CH), June 26-28, 2020

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We are human BEINGS

not human DOINGS


Basel, Switzerland

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In a world where ‘doing’ is the dominant force – that is: wanting things to be different from how they are, wanting more things and faster – it is vital to balance the ‘doing’ with ‘being’.

More than that: in our digital age where artificial intelligence is competing with us on the ‘doing’, we need more than ever to preserve and cultivate our ‘being’ – those qualities that make us human and unique. At resonance, we inspire organisations to grow the human potential of people by teaching them how to develop qualities of ‘being’ such as presence, creativity, intuition, compassion, trust and purpose.

Well-being in its truest sense is not a nice-to-have, it is a core human skill.

Being & Doing
shifting mental gears

Getting things done AND being human.

Team development

Mindfulness & Resilience
being present and resourceful

Aware, focused and responsive to what is here and now

6-week training programme
Meditation training

transforming organisations

Creating workspaces for people and organisations to thrive

Cultural change
Personalised workspace


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